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SM nodes


We have 11 IBM System X3755 M3 nodes for high memory jobs. You should only use these nodes for jobs requiring more than 128GB RAM.

Accessing the high memory nodes

These nodes have been restricted to only allow jobs which pass the -l highmem option in the job script.

SM IBM System X3755 M3
Count 11
Processor 4 x 12 Core AMD Opteron 6234 (Bulldozer)
Cores/Node 48
TMP Size 1.9TB
Interconnect 10Gb Ethernet


  • On a core-by-core comparison, the sm nodes have the slowest individual core speed. If your jobs regularly require large memory requirements, consider optimisation or splitting the job into smaller components.
  • sm nodes also have a large local temporary folder space. Using tmpdir rather than central storage typically results in considerable performance improvements.