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WN nodes


There are 2 IBM AC922

8335-GTG POWER9 nodes on Apocrita which are equipped with 4 Nvidia Tesla V100 16GB GPUs. These compute nodes use a ppc64le processor which is different from the more common x86_64, this means code needs to be recompiled on the Power nodes.

Count 2
Processor 2 x 20 Core Power9 Witherspoon
GPU cores 20480 CUDA cores over 4 GPUs
Cores/Node 40
Threads/Node 160
Accessible RAM ~304GB
TMP Size 839GB

Accessing the WN nodes

Access is permitted to QMUL researchers upon request. Please raise a support ticket by emailing with a brief overview of intended use, so that we can verify that the jobs will run correctly on the POWER9 architecture.