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Linux introduction

Linux is a popular, free open source Operating System. The defining component of Linux is the kernel, first released on 5 October 1991, by Linus Torvalds.

The terminal application allows you to interact with the Linux operating system using the keyboard to input commands. You might be displayed with a black screen with a white flashing cursor, which represents the terminal is waiting for user input.

When waiting for user input, you may type some text into the terminal; press enter when you have finished so the shell (the interface between the user and the kernel) can evaluate the text, or otherwise known as a command, and perform an operation based on the type of command.

Linux tutorial

We have developed a series of guided tutorials to help you practise interfacing with a Linux terminal and typing commands (QMUL staff and students only). If you have any questions or issues while following our tutorials, please contact us.

It is recommended that users of Apocrita (HPC) become familiar with the Linux commands as you will be using them frequently.