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Nodes Overview

Apocrita runs a variety of different job types, and the cluster is comprised of different node types and queues to accommodate this. Some nodes are restricted depending on the source of funding.

The following nodes are open access, allowing jobs from any user.

Open Access Required variables Count Cores RAM Arch
dn 150 12 24GB Intel
sm highmem 11 48 512GB AMD
srm highmem 2 36 768GB Intel
nxv 34 32 256GB Intel
nxg gpu 4 32 256GB Intel
sbg gpu 2 32 384GB Intel
sdv infiniband=sdv-i 32 24 192GB Intel
Total 235 4448 27.4TB

The following nodes are restricted to specific groups controlled by the purchasers of the nodes. Requests for access to these nodes will need to be confirmed by the owner of the node before access will be granted. We additionally have a node called burst1 used for lab and training sessions, and as a burst node for extending the capacity of the cluster outside term-time.

Restricted Access Required variables Count (60) Cores RAM Arch
nxn infiniband=nxn 32 16 64GB Intel
nxn 6 24 192GB Intel
nxv 8 32 256GB Intel
sdv serial 9 24 192GB Intel
sdv parallel infiniband=sdv-ii 15 24 192GB Intel
panos1 1 32 512GB Intel
burst1 1 40 768GB Intel
Total 72 1560 11TB

Owned nodes complex

Users with access to owned nodes can ensure jobs run on an owned node by requesting -l owned in the job script or on the command line e.g. qlogin -l owned

The following table lists the CPU instruction sets supported by Apocrita Nodes.

Instruction set dn sm nxn-ib nxn nxv nxg sdv srm