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SBG Nodes


We have 2 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 nodes containing Nvidia Tesla V100 cards for GPU jobs.

SBG Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670
Count 2
Processor 2 x 16 Core Intel Xeon Gold 6142 (Skylake)
Cores/Node 32
TMP Size 1.2TB
Interconnect 25Gb Ethernet
GPU 4 x NVIDIA Tesla V100
GPU architecture Volta
Tensor Cores 640
CUDA Cores 5,120
GPU Memory 16GiB per GPU
CUDA Compute 7.0 (CUDA version 9 or greater required)

Accessing the GPU nodes

Access is permitted to QMUL researchers upon request. Note that access to GPU nodes is not permitted for Undergraduate and MSc students. Please raise a support ticket by emailing with a brief overview of intended use, an example of a typical job submission script, and links to any software repositories, so that we can verify that the jobs will use the GPUs correctly. Please see the using GPUs section for advice on submitting GPU jobs.