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SRM nodes


We have 2 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 nodes for high memory jobs plus an additional node purchased due to contributions from researchers. These nodes should only be used for jobs which utilise at least 128GB RAM, but ideally more than 512GB RAM.

Accessing the high memory nodes

These nodes have been restricted to only allow jobs which pass the -l highmem option in the job script.

SRM Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650
Count 2
Processor 2 x 18 Core Intel Xeon Gold 6150 (Skylake)
Cores/Node 36
Accessible RAM ~741GB
NVME storage 1.6TB
TMP Size 18TB
Interconnect 25Gb Ethernet


  • srm nodes have a large local temporary folder space. Using tmpdir rather than central storage can result in considerable performance improvements. Additionally there is a smaller 1.6TB partition /fast which uses NVME devices, and should give around double the performance of local SSD storage. However, unlike tmpdir, it will not clean itself and you will need to ensure your files are cleaned up at the end of the job.