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Infiniband is a high throughput, low latency node interconnect that allows Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) which can significantly improve the speed of large multi-node parallel jobs.

Infiniband islands

Apocrita has a number of infiniband enabled nodes, grouped into separate islands based on node type and network switch capacity:

Nodes Island name Infiniband type
ddy1-12 ddy-i EDR
sdv45+ (restricted) sdv-ii EDR

The appropriate island can be selected for parallel jobs by adding the -l infiniband=<island> parameter to your submission script.

An example of this setting is:

#$ -l infiniband=ddy-i

Jobs across islands

Jobs are not scheduled across multiple islands as this would severely affect performance.

Larger infiniband jobs

If your jobs regularly require hundreds of parallel cores, please enquire about eligibility to use the Tier 2 services designed for larger jobs.