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EMF nodes


We have 8 IBM Flex System x240 Compute Nodes for high memory jobs. You should only use these nodes for jobs requiring more than 128GB RAM.

Accessing the high memory nodes

These nodes have been restricted to only allow jobs which pass the -l highmem option in the job script.

EMF IBM System X240
Count 8
Processor 2 x 12 Core Intel E5-2695 v2
Clock speed Base 2.40GHz ; Turbo 3.20GHz
Cores/Node 24
Accessible RAM ~741GB
TMP Size 162GB
Interconnect 10Gb Ethernet

CPU Instruction Set does not support AVX2

The processor supports AVX instruction set extensions, but not AVX2; code that has already been compiled and optimised for newer hardware may in some circumstances require re-compiling to work on nodes without AVX2 extensions.