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NXG nodes


We have 4 NeXtScale

nx360 M5 nodes on Apocrita with Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU cards.

Count 4
Processor 2 x 16 Core Intel Xeon E5-2683V3 (Broadwell)
Cores/Node 32
Accessible RAM ~241GB
TMP Size 125GB
Interconnect Mellanox ConnectX-4 EDR Infiniband
GPU Tesla K80 with 2 x GK210 chip
GPU architecture Kepler
CUDA cores 2496 per chip
GPU Memory 12GiB per chip
CUDA Compute 3.7

Accessing the nxg nodes

Access is permitted to QMUL researchers upon request. Note that access to GPU nodes is not permitted for Undergraduate and MSc students. Please raise a support ticket by emailing with a brief overview of intended use, an example of a typical job submission script, and links to any software repositories, so that we can verify that the jobs will use the GPUs correctly. Please see the using GPUs section for advice on submitting GPU jobs.